I’m incredibly disappointed in Sony right now.

I ordered 2 PS4 Killzone bundles on Friday from store.sony.com, for which I received a confirmation email that told me that my order was successfully placed and everything was A-OK. Awesome. I got  the one thing I really wanted this year.

Sunday, I received an email from my friend who also purchased his PS4 through store.sony.com, saying his order got canceled. I was surprised and concerned since he had also gotten his confirmation, but no order cancellation came for me on Sunday.

This morning, I received the cancelation. They canceled my order for both PS4s (but have shipped me the controller that were in the bundle apparently?) “due to item unavailability”.

This is the part that gets me, if you send me an order confirmation, that should mean that my order was reserved and that those items are *mine* unless you have some kind of problem with your inventory management system, which is on you, not me. 

All in all, it’s not a big deal, really. It’s just an adult whining on the internet about the shiny thing he didn’t get but my problem is the fact that 2 days were now wasted.  2 days I could have spent looking for actually getting PS4s at brick and mortar stores.  

The fact is this is just TERRIBLE customer service to cancel an order out from underneath someone, even though you basically told me “Yes, here is your item.”

I don’t know if this had completely turned me off Sony products in general, but it certainly has made me think I should never try to buy anything from the Sony Store ever again.

Edit: I’ve contacted Sony Store customer service. We’ll see what their response is.